Frequently asked questions



Q: What is included in the free consultation?
A: We’ll assess your situation, your areas of interests and provide to you our guide, ‘5 Key Things To Do Before You Buy.’



Q: How much does your standard consulting service cost?
A: Our solutions are individually tailored to you, your brand and your needs.



Q: What area of the country do you cover and how many site visits do you make? Are there any geographical limitations to your service?
A: We work nationwide, all virtually. Travel can be arranged if needed, but in practically all cases no site visits by us are required. Our team and suppliers get the right people on the job to address any issues before they become a problem.



Q: How many hours are included in my project proposal?
A: We bill a single flat rate per project. We don’t bill by the hour. We work closely with you and all key stakeholders to keep the project on track from inception through completion.



Q: What concepts do you work with?
A: Most of our projects are in the health and wellness fields, but we work in all concepts. Our most recent have involved franchised barbershops, chiropractic clinics and massage retreats.